Stay and Train, 5 Days


Stay and Train, 10 Days


Play and Train 6 Day Package (1, 2 or 3 days a week maximum)


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While we believe every training program should be catered to the individual dog and their owners needs, we do build our foundation on positive training methods.

**The focus of the Board & Train and Stay & Train Programs will be to introduce and/or increase the reliability of response to the 5 basic commands of Sit, Down, Heel, Stay & Come, while on leash.**

For both package options, a consultation visit with the trainer must be scheduled.  The fee for this is included in the total price.


Stay and Train 

For puppies or dogs 6 months or older
Current vaccinations are required

a great option for busy pet parents.  Basic obedience, discuss with trainer your specific areas of concentration.  This package includes overnight stay and play time (if applicable).  

Play and Train

For puppies or dogs 6 months or older
Current vaccinations are required

this is great option for busy pet parents who don't want to leave their furry friend with us full time.  The price includes playtime and training session.  You must commit, at the time of sign up, to at least 1 day a week for this training option. (We cannot be responsible for any level of training if the owner misses their scheduled day/days. There are NO refunds)

Please note that your puppy/dog’s age, breed or breeds, as well as their unique personality/characteristics will play a part in the success of any training that occurs. 


The success of both training options depends greatly on the follow up of the owner and other family members!

All training packages (stay and train and play and train) must be paid for in advance.


All clients will be required to sign a contract.

Please call to talk with trainer about your dogs needs for training.

We do not accept aggressive dogs or other behavioral issues, but we are happy to recommend another trainer who can help you.